Penny Githens Statement on Hindered I-69 Project

BLOOMINGTON  - Penny Githens, candidate for Indiana State House District 60, released the following statement in regards to the recent halt of construction on I-69.


“The latest mismanagement of the I-69 construction project is another example of poor leadership from the Pence Administration and the Republican supermajority in the statehouse. We are lacking a clear path for completing this project.


We need to cancel the contract between the Indiana Finance Authority and the I-69 Development Partners and put Indiana Department of Transportation in charge of construction. This is the second major shut down in just a few months caused by non-payment of subcontractors, which violates the Public-Private Agreement signed in April 2014.  The Public-Private Authority was created to float bonds in a way that would not have this show up as a state debt.  Had the state floated the bonds, the amount of money being borrowed to finance Section 5 of I-69 would have shown up on our account books.

Section 5 of I-69 was to have been completed in October 2016.  Now, we are being told that it will not be completed until June 2017.  As we wait for that to occur, how many hours will Hoosiers waste sitting in traffic?  How many more multi-vehicle accidents will occur like the one last Friday?  And how much more will we pay for additional gasoline as we sit in stalled traffic? 

It's time to restore common sense to the Indiana statehouse and legislature.”


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