Penny's Supporters

Working Committee

Regina Moore, Committee Chair

Dorothy Granger, Treasurer, Bloomington City Council

Isabel Piedmont-Smith, Bloomington City Council

Charlotte Zietlow

Julie Thomas, County Commissioner

Chaz Mottinger

Jean Capler

Maqubé Reese

Deborah Meader

Rachel Guglielmo



Lois DeHoff, Librarian with MSD of Martinsville

Kevin and Julie Reeves, Martinsville

Jeff and Mary Loveless, Mooresville

Wendy Marencik, Clinical Professor, IU School of Education

Peter Iversen, Treasurer of Monroe County Democratic Party



"My friends know I am a conservative. I believe in 2nd amendment rights and many might consider me a republican. That said I know Penny Githens and she cares about people. Penny was a godsend to our family when our son was diagnosed with autism. I could not endorse someone more wholeheartedly no matter what her endeavor. If you are voting in her area please look at her then vote for the best person not for a party."  -Jay Hackett


"It seems like yesterday, but about 15 years ago, Penny Githens introduced me to what it means to advocate for my autistic son. She encouraged me to go to school board meetings (every single one of possible), to connect with other parents of children with special needs, to leverage community resources, to engage in ongoing training, and to never EVER give up on doing what is right for my child and for my community. What's more is that this is just part of who she is as a person. I'm not the only person that she lifted up in this way. So proud to see her run for Indiana House district 60 in Bloomington. We need to elect more people like Penny to State office! Go Penny Go!"  - Candace Shaw


"Unlike her opponent, Penny listens and has an excellent grasp of education issues. Peggy M. actually wrote a PS ON A RESPONSE LETTER to me that stated she did not need to know what her constituents opinions were regarding education because she had excellent sources at the statehouse." - Jean Rhoades Ambrose

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